Interpreter Training Workshops offers a variety of educational programs for Interpreters. All workshops can be customized to fit your organization, educational institution, agency or group.

I. Overview Course in Medical Interpreting

* Intro to Interpreting as a Professional
* Anatomy
* Medical Terminology
* Healthcare system, providers & roles
* Practical physician-patient communication methods
* Healthcare provider perspective analysis
* Pharmacology (system specific)
* Major tests, procedures & equipment
* HIPAA/Ethics
* Common Illnesses (e.g. Diabetes)

II. Human Body Systems

* The Heart & Circulatory System (includes the Brain & Stroke)
* The Digestive & Urological Systems
* Mental Health, Your Brain & Addiction
* The Endocrine System
* Female & Male Reproductive Systems
* Sexually Transmitted Diseases
* Orthopedics & Rehabilitative Medicine
* The Respiratory System

III. Illnesses, Tests and Procedures

IV. Medical Terminology

V. Comprehensive (40-80 hours)


* Generally, modules are 45 to 90 minutes each.
* Workshops may include any or all of the following:
o Role Play (Sample Scenario)
o Quizzes
o Q&A
o Resource utilization
o Interpreter issue discussion
o Experience sharing in a safe, confidential environment
o Self assessment & evaluation

We provide medical information in a barrier-free environment. We arm you with information and timely tips! These help you navigate our complex health care system and more effectively interpret in the medical setting.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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