Families and Individuals

Get information on your options for your Deaf or Hard of Hearing family members, from the newly born to the elderly.

When you know more about your health, what different health care providers do, and understand what happens in different medical settings, you can be a better advocate for your own health.

With so many different Deaf & Hard of Hearing organizations to choose from…how can you make the right choice for your family? We will provide an explanation of each organization along with what the organization has to offer.

It is well known that communication, language and access to language are critical to intellectual, social and emotional development. When you have Deaf & hard of hearing family members, one should research all the educational and medical options to make the right decision for your family.

If you want a speaker for your organization or to schedule a workshop, look at our Workshops, Consulting & Training section to find out more!

We provide health related information in a barrier-free environment. We provide health information as well as timely tips so you can understand your health. When you know more about yourselves, you and your health care provider communicate better!

Learn about your health by watching our Medical Video Dictionary, “Ask the DOC” your burning questions, and check out our glossary of terms! Visit our Resources section for more!

We also have great information on Deaf health and research. See our links for research articles on Deaf health issues; learn about new research projects & how to get involved!

We also recommend:

Learn about your health and gain self advocacy skills.
Watch our Video Medical Dictionary and “Ask the DOC” your burning questions in the Resources section.
Check out valuable community resources, schedule a workshop, and learn about educational and medical options for Deaf adults and/or children in your family.
Learn about research projects & how to get involved!

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